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Regulations and Essential Loading Information - Macon, GA Exhibition Venue

Parking at the loading dock of our Macon, GA convention center is restricted to authorized personnel only. Dock passes may be issued on a limited basis through the event coordinator. Vehicles must display the dock pass on the dashboard and comply with all customary parking regulations. Failure to comply may result in removal of vehicles at the owner's expense. Dock passes are not valid during move‐in/move‐out. Prior to move‐in, the lessee must identify a representative to participate in a required move‐in/move‐out inspection.
The Edgar H. Wilson Convention Center has five points of entry, which are restricted to certain types of move‐in/move‐out. Exhibitors must use the back loading dock off Coliseum Court or Hall B roll‐up doors, if authorized. Off‐loading in the main rotunda entrance is strictly prohibited. Edgar H. Wilson Convention Center has two 2 dock bays and three roll‐up doors. One dock bay is assigned to the exhibit hall and one for the joint load in of the Coliseum and the Center. The Center manages the loading dock area for all events with exhibitors - a dock management fee will apply.

Limited staging is available in the following areas with advance written approval from the Center

  • East lot for personal vehicle or box truck staging only when approved
The responsibility of marshaling trucks/vehicles to and from staging sites belongs to the lessee/service contractor/production company. All trucks and vehicles must be removed on or before the contracted ending time or the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.

All service contractors, production companies, and exhibitors are required to adhere to the following rules while utilizing the dock

  • All empty cases and containers must be stored on the trailer(s).
  • Staging trucks or personal vehicles in the loading dock area, Coliseum Court or any unauthorized area is prohibited.
  • Bone yard equipment must be removed.
  • Double-parking vehicles, blocking fire lanes, loading/unloading in unassigned areas, parking in the restricted (permit only) area along the retaining wall is prohibited.
  • Loading/unloading of personal vehicles is limited to the seventeen (17) allotted parking spaces along the retaining wall with a fifteen (15) minute time restriction and must be moved upon completion.
  • Ramp leading to and from the loading dock must remain clear of parked vehicles at all times.
  • Remove motorized equipment (scissor lifts, snorkel lifts, forklifts, etc.) during show hours and at completion of move-out.
  • All propane tanks must be removed from inside the facility including the staging and storing of motorized equipment.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted in the leased space during move-in/ move-out.

Exhibitors are requested to follow the safety regulations outlined below

  • Forklift drivers must be certified and show credentials.
  • Forklifts must have backup alarms and horns. Drivers must alert with horn when entering/exiting through roll-up doors.
  • Forklifts must be driven slowly and safely - pedestrians always have the right-of-way.
  • Trailers loaded and unloaded by forklifts must have their wheels chocked.
  • Propane canisters (empty or full) must be stored in an upright position in the secured area on the retaining wall.
  • Forklifts may not be used to lift trailers if they are stuck or hung up. A tow truck must be called to remove such trailers or vehicles.
  • Storing forklifts, scissor lifts, snorkel lifts, etc. in the exhibit hall is prohibited.
  • Personnel must employ all regulations as outlined in life safety 101.
Flooring in the facility must be protected from damage caused by crates, dollies, hand trucks, equipment, etc., by installing a layer of carpet shield or masonite during move-in, show days, and move-out. The Center will provide masonite for all ballroom events that utilize a production company. For unusually heavy items, additional measures such as plywood sub flooring may be required. Motorized vehicles, forklifts, gas or electric carts, bicycles, and similar equipment may not be operated on any carpeted area of the Center. All doors used for freight entrance and exit must be covered to protect the panic hardware, locking devises and painted surfaces. No crates or cases may be stored in any area of the building or on the loading dock. Bone yards in leased space must be approved in advance through the event coordinator.